90s Nail Art Trends Making a Huge Comeback in 2024

90s Nail Art Trends

The 90s are having a major revival in fashion, music, and beauty – and nails are no exception! 90s nail art trends like mini designs, bright shades, and avant garde accents are making waves again. If you’re looking for fun, nostalgic nail inspo this year, these retro mani ideas from the 1990s are totally rad.

Miniature Nail Art

In the 90s, tiny designs like smiley faces, hearts, and letters decorated accent nails for a playful, youthful look. This compact nail art is easy to recreate and puts a fresh spin on simple manicures. Use a thin detail brush to add micro-designs to a single nail on each hand.

90s tiny nail designs

Bright, Bold Colors

Fluorescent, high-voltage shades like slime green, bright orange, and neon pink were ubiquitous 90s nail polish picks. These vibrant, eye-catching colors look runway-ready when paired with minimal detailing. Try an all-over electric blue mani or color-block neons for maximum wow factor.

90s nail polish picks

Abstract Nail Art

The 90s were a golden age for abstract, avant garde nail designs. Play with squiggles, splotches, dripping paint effects, and random shapes in clashing colors for a delightfully chaotic nail look reminiscent of the decade. This trend celebrates artistic expression and fearless creativity.

90s were a golden age for abstract nails

French Twists

An elevated take on the classic French mani was prominent in the 90s. Experiment with colored tips or unique streaks, patterns, and gems on the nail tip area. A black-and-white French twist with abstract line designs is equal parts modern and retro.

classic French mani was prominent in the 90s

Metallic Accents

Metallics like gold, silver, and chrome added an edgy, futuristic touch to nails in the 90s. Whether full-on metallic nails or simple geometric accents, the high-shine finish gives nails an ultra-cool, space-age appeal. Pair chrome tips with a matte black base for extra dimension.

futuristic touch to nails in the 90s

So there you have it – some iconic 90s nail trends that allow you to rock the nostalgic, fearless, and daring spirit of the era on your nails. Get creative, have fun with vibrant colors and bold looks for major 90s nail art vibes! Which retro nail style will you try first?